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Valarea for Enterprise

Welcome to hybrid workplace

Hybrid workplace is the new normal. Prepare your business for the post-pandemic era, between returning to the office and remote work. Valarea is the universal solution for any type of meeting room that allows your company to run hybrid meetings smoothly.

Valarea Hybrid Workplace
Valarea Hybrid Learning
Valarea for Education

Say hello to hybrid lessons

Hybrid learning is a new educational model where some students attend class in-person, while others join the class virtually from home. Valarea helps teachers and schools to embrace this new model.

Works seamlessly with your favorite apps

No need to replace the software you already use*

Valarea integrationsValarea integrations


Easily view and join scheduled meetings from room and personal calendar

Works with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace calendars

Valarea integrationsValarea integrationsValarea integrationsValarea integrationsValarea integrations

Video conferencing

Start an instant meeting or join a scheduled meeting of 20+ video conferencing systems

Instant meeting works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Webex

Valarea integrationsValarea integrationsValarea integrations

Cloud storage

Securely access, present and share your personal files during a meeting

Works with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive

* Valarea does not distribute or pre-install third-party software.
Valarea Room

One perpetual license, endless benefits

A single Valarea Room license covers any configuration of a meeting room or classroom. And lasts forever.

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Valarea perpetual license

Optimized for many display and projector manufacturers

Valarea Room

Made to run on any hardware

Upgrade to the best Valarea tested and certified hardware for optimal performance or keep your existing one. Valarea Room supports Windows 10 PCs and is optimized for touch and non-touchscreen displays from many different brands.

Valarea Appliance by Lenovo

ThinkSmart Core, the best-in-class solution at the heart of your meeting rooms. Now certified for Valarea Room.

Valarea Lenovo Appliance

Other supported hardware

Valarea Room runs on any Windows 10 PC with at least a i5 CPU, 16GB Ram, SSD Drive and Wi-Fi certified Miracast.

Valarea OPS / NUC
Valarea Room & Home Office Kits

A perfect match

Choose your favorite Room of Home Office kit compatible with Valarea from selected hardware vendors.
Get everything you need to create immersive collaboration spaces, all in one box.

Lenovo Room Kit

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  • CheckLenovo ThinkSmart Core
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