For every setup

Passive / interactive display
1x License
Dual display
1x License
1x License
Compatible with Samsung Flip
1x License
A universal solution, compatible with

Valarea Visual Collaboration platform for Enterprise

Discover our enterprise solution and experience our most comprehensive, collaborative software.

Valarea for Education: a complete Hybrid Learning platform

Discover our solution for education and experience the new, modern way to create and teach your lessons.

Valarea Visual Collaboration platform for Healthcare

Discover our healthcare solution and experience a new way to take care of your patients and clients.

Coming soon

Management and monitoring

Meeting rooms can be securely managed and monitored in real time via the Valarea cloud management console:

  • manage and apply policies
  • send and schedule commands
  • perform health checks
  • solve technical issues remotely
  • view analytics and trends
Available in June 2021

Built-in security in mind

  • Kiosk mode application launcher runs with the lowest privilege
  • Room reset and wipe all user’s data, cache and navigation history
  • Automatic system & service check before every session
  • E2E Encryption