Valarea Room

Room Touch Controller

Control your meeting rooms with a touch. Join meetings and manage audio and video remotely, open room applications and use mouse and trackpad directly from the touch screen.

Valarea BYOM
Remote control

Manage your meeting room screen from the comfort of your table

With the Valarea Touch Controller you can do everything you would do in front of the meeting room screen, from the comfort of your chair. Start meetings, manage audio and video, enable screen sharing, launch applications, and more.

Valarea Room Touch Controller
Certified hardware

Choose your preferred certified controller

Valarea Room supports certified hardware from top manufacturers such as Lenovo, Poly and Logitech.

Valarea Room Controller vendors
Alternative solution

Available as a dedicated app for Apple iPad and Android tablets

Valarea App in Wireless Touch Controller mode is dedicated to those who prefer to use an iPad or Android tablet as a wireless remote controller, as an alternative to the touch controller. In addition, Valarea WTC includes the use of Valarea Workspaces connected to the Room.

Valarea WTC iOSApple iPad
Valarea WTC AndroidAndroid tablet
Valarea Room WTC App